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「生活中發生的一切,就是宇宙和我對話的方式」 對朝朝而言,「體驗」是最重要的學習方式,而生活即是體驗之所在,純粹知識的學習如果沒有經過親身體驗,對我們不會有實質的效果與影響,因此,朝朝也擅於用生活中大家共有的經驗,帶入運作原理,讓大家以體驗的方式學習療癒與靈性。 朝朝從小即思索生命意義,遇見佛法後,曾一心一意希求來世解脫,卻因感情課題覺察自己並未真正面對生命與自我課題,內在仍充滿自我否定與對生命的懷疑,而踏上身心靈療癒道路。 原本僅為療癒自我,卻因緣際會找回內在力量與使命,順流走在靈魂的道路上,辭去警察工作,成為靈性導師,希望將這些幸福的方法和智慧傳遞出去。 「我們所做的一切,無論是讓自己活在快樂和喜悅中或是追求開悟,簡而言之,都是為了離苦得樂,靈性學習也是如此。 任何的靈性與療癒課程,對我而言,我們最終要學的,是智慧的開展,意識到自己的完整、拿回力量、覺察自我狀態、感受並回應生命之流,最終自在快樂的生活。」


“Everything happened in my life are what the universe speaking to me” In Chao’s opinion, the most important way to learn is to experience it and our life is where we can obtain experiences. Knowledge is just knowledge if you don’t experience this by yourself, it means nothing to you. So that’s why Chao always enlighten students through the common experiences comes from their lives to elevate their spiritual vision and wisdom. Mentor Chao started thinking the meaning of life since he was a child. When he met the Buddhism he was thinking go back to the source of all is his goal of life. However when he faced the issue of relationship he knows he’s not happy at all. He decides to face his life and find the ways to transcend issues. Thus, he get into the world of spititual energy healing, and this changed his life completely. In the beginning, he just want to heal himself and get rid of this problems. Later on, he find out the inner power and mission of life. He decide to answer the calling from universe; quit the police job I and become a Reiki and spiritual mentor to deliver the ways and wisdom of happiness and blessing. “ Everything we done, no matter to live more happily or for higher enlightenment, we just want to make ourselves better; so as the spiritual learning. In my opinion, what we have to learn eventually from all the spiritual or healing course is the inner wisdom in our true self. To know how perfect we are, to get back the power of ourselves, to know our real feelings, to answer the calling from your life and soul.  Then live happily.


  • 臼井靈氣導師(Usui Reiki Master)
  • 卡魯那靈氣導師(Karuna Reiki Master)
  • 古埃及能量療法導師(Sekhem Master)
  • 國際自然能量發展協會 (INED)頌缽療癒師(Singing bowl healer of INTERNATIONAL NATURAL ENERGY DEVELOPMENT)
  • 印加薩滿與核心薩滿療癒(Shaman Healing)
  • 水晶療癒(Crystal Healing)
  • 巴哈花精(Bach Flower Remedied)療癒
  • 泰國傳統古法能量按摩( Ancient Thai energy massage)
  • 泰國魯士瑜珈(Thai Hermit Yoga; Russie Dutton)
  • YACEP陰瑜珈國際師資培訓(YACEP Yin Yoga Teacher Training)
  • 塔羅解讀(Tarot Reading)
【朝朝老師著作 -靈氣手札:靈氣與身心靈療癒必讀指南】
藉由淺顯的文字,使讀者了解身心靈與生活之間的關聯,以及身心靈療癒應有的觀念:療癒是讓自己找回力量,找回改變生命的能力和機會,更快樂自在,甚至實現靈魂使命及智慧的開展。 書中除了靈氣之外,更介紹幾種大家常見的身心靈療癒工具,讓大家可以選擇適合自己邁向幸福的方式。  
Podcast節目《心靈沐音 Spiritual Harmonic》


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